Avoid Bedbugs Traveling With These Safety Tips

Bed bug on someone

Bedbugs can cause a great deal of discomfort and can be very hard to get rid of. One way to stop them is to avoid bringing them home in the first place. Learn some vital safety tips to prevent bringing bedbugs home and find out where to get professional help if you do have an infestation.

What Bedbugs Look Like

Bedbugs are reddish-brown and have a flat, oval-shaped body. They are less than half an inch in size (about 1 to 7 millimeters), and their translucent eggs are even tinier with a dark center. Bedbugs are so small that you can even fit several on the head of a pin. As a result, their size can make them difficult to see with the naked eye. You are more likely to find them through their pepper-flake-like fecal droppings and shredded skins that they leave behind.

Spotting a Bedbug Bite

To spot bedbug bites, look for blood spots on your sheets. You should find marks on the hands, face, arms, legs, or shoulders. Those areas are more likely to be exposed during sleep. Usually, though not always, bites are grouped in what looks like a zigzag or line. They are small, flat, or raised and may be itchy or blistered, very much like flea or mosquito bites. However, not everyone reacts the same to them.

Arm full of bedbug bites

Bedbug bites contain an anticoagulant that allows them to consume the blood of their host. This substance is also the reason why the body reacts to said bite. Sometimes, those bitten many times can have more intense responses. Symptoms may appear the next day or even several days after, while other people may not react at all.

How to Catch Bedbugs Early

If you’re going on a trip, consider using a hard-shelled suitcase with fewer seams for bedbugs to hide. Pack your belongings in sealed plastic bags, and open them only when you need access. Before you unpack, place your luggage somewhere with fewer cracks and crevices, such as a luggage rack or hard surface. Then check under the pillows and linens of your hotel bed for any signs of bedbugs. Only when you’re sure the room is clean should you relax.

What to Do if You Suspect an Outbreak

Don’t try to take care of a suspected infestation yourself. If you’re in a hotel, work with management to switch rooms and don’t accept one next door. If you suspect that you’ve brought bedbugs home, carefully inspect your suitcase in an area outdoors or where bedbugs can’t hide. Vacuum or steam clean the luggage bag and wash all your clothes with high heat. Then call a professional at Integrity Termite & Pest Services Inc. to make sure your house is secure.

Contact Integrity Termite & Pest Services Inc.

Bedbugs can be tricky to get rid of yourself. They breed fast and in large numbers. Be rid of bedbugs for good and contact Integrity Termite & Pest Services Inc. today! 

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