Avoid Sneaky Snakes With These Expert Safety Tips


Snakes are found all over the world. One place we don’t want them, however, is in our house. Most snakes aren’t venomous, but it’s best to be cautious. A bite from any wild animal isn’t something to take lightly, even if it’s not toxic. Avoid snakes in your home with expert safety tips and explore options for snake control near you. 

What Snakes Should I Be Worried About?

Many snake species live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Some notable snakes include:  

  • Checkered garter snakes
  • Chihuahuan hook-nosed snakes
  • Coachwhips 
  • Common kingsnakes 
  • Western milk snakes and many others
common Kingsnake
Common Kingsnake

Only 19 species of snakes in the United States are venomous. In Texas, you can find the following poisonous snakes: 

●     Coral Snakes: These look a lot like kingsnakes and milk snakes. If the snake has yellow bands touching red, it’s a coral snake. If the yellow touches black, it’s harmless.

●     Copperheads: These have bands of gray or brown with a copper-colored head. They tend to be shy and usually won’t bite unless trapped or stepped on.

●     Cottonmouths: These rarely stray from water, so it’s unlikely you’ll find one in your home.

●     Rattlesnakes: These are easy to identify due to their rattle. There are several varieties of rattlesnakes in Texas. The western massasauga, the timber rattler, and the western diamondback are three of the most common.


Venomous snakes often have triangular heads with thin, vertical pupils. Still, some nonvenomous snakes have triangular heads while others have rounded pupils. If you see a snake, it’s best to call a professional.

How Do I Keep Snakes out of My Home?

Snakes come into your home seeking food or shelter. If you have other pests like mice, rats, frogs, fish, or small farm animals, snakes might come in looking for a meal. They may also seek shelter from the heat in an air-conditioned home with shade.

Fending off these reptiles starts with keeping them out of your yard. You can find several snake repellents that will be useful in this process. You can also eliminate any standing water. Get rid of piled hoses, woodpiles, and dense brush. Keep your lawn mowed short, and seal up any open areas under your house or shed. Lastly, be sure to fill in any holes you find with gravel or dirt.

Snake on a wall

Are There Wildlife Laws I Need to Know?

Most snakes are not threatened or endangered, so there aren’t any laws you need to worry about. Still, they serve an essential role in the ecosystem and shouldn’t be recklessly targeted. You can capture snakes yourself by baiting them with moisture, bedsheets, or even using glue traps. However, if you happen to have a venomous snake, this can be a recipe for disaster. Even though it’s scary to have one in your home, it’s best to call professionals like Integrity Termite & Pest Services, Inc. and wait to have the creature captured and safely removed.

Snake Control Near Me

If you have a snake in your house, it’s not likely to be venomous. That being said, it’s not a creature you should mess with. Call the professionals to have it safely removed and get advice on keeping others off your property for good. Reach out to Integrity Termite & Pest Services, Inc., or give us a call today!

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