Avoid Termites with these 3 Essential Oils

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Termites are more than just a nuisance. In no time at all, these nasty pests can do real structural damage to your home, reducing its value and even making it dangerous to live. If you see a termite, you’ve likely got more, and it’s vital to act quickly to get rid of them. The good news is that there are things you can do to keep termites and other pests away right from the start. Learn about three essential oils you can apply that termites hate and why.

Why Essential Oils Are Great for Bug Control

Essential oils are outstanding for bug control because bugs can’t stand their scent, and bugs often navigate by smell. These oils are also all-natural, essentially non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

Three oils that termites dislike are:

  1. Orange oil
  2. Tea tree oil
  3. Cinnamon oil

Let’s explore why.

Why Termites Hate Orange Oil

Orange oil is one of the most common treatments to chase termites away. It’s extracted from orange peels, and its active ingredient is D-limonene. It is the same ingredient that’s found in a lot of citrus-powered household cleaners. It’s got low toxicity, though when highly concentrated, it can sometimes cause an allergic reaction. Just follow the label directions to dilute the oil and apply it properly, and within a few weeks, your termite problem should start to decrease.

Why Termites Hate Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the most effective essential oils you can use to get rid of termites. When using it, be sure to use a therapeutic-grade concentration of the oil. Also, be aware that tea tree oil can have a detrimental effect on people and animals in solid concentrations, particularly with direct contact. It’s best to wear gloves and carefully follow instructions. You can apply the oil to wood or use a diluted solution to attack the bugs directly. Not only will it drive them away, but it can kill them outright.

Why Termites Hate Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil is another highly effective means of repelling termites. You can apply full-strength cinnamon oil to the wood the termites are infesting or spray it directly on the termites using a diluted solution of four drops per gallon. If this solution doesn’t work, you can gradually increase the application. It’s best to make sure that you use a therapeutic-grade oil. According to the Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy, essential oils work like a neurotoxin on insects.

Contact Integrity Termite & Pest Services

Termites are serious business. While the essential oil treatments mentioned here are effective, it’s far better to get the help of a professional. Avoid damage to your home by turning to us for termite removal services. Reach out to Integrity Termite & Pest Services Inc. or give us a call today!

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