Eliminate Your Garter Snake Infestation With These Handy Tips

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A garter snake infestation can be a scary thing. Generally harmless, they avoid humans and slither away when given a chance. Still, they can be a nuisance when gathered in numbers, primarily because of their foul smell. You can identify garter snakes by their dark coloring with three light stripes along their backs. The stripes are typically blue, brown, yellow, or green. Learn how to eliminate your garter snake infestation without killing them with these handy tips.

Eliminate Food Sources

Garter snakes, like all animals, tend to go where food is. It’s essential to make sure that there aren’t any food sources around your home that could be drawing the snakes. If you prepare fishing bait like worms in or near your home that could be luring snakes. Additionally, these snakes tend to go after mice, so make sure your house is clear of them.

Keep Your Lawn and Bushes Under Control

When snakes infest your yard and home, they do so from a nest. You’ll find them mostly in bushes and tall grass. They also find shelter in discarded clutter: old buckets, boxes, and even lawn furniture. Confirm they don’t have a place they can use as their lair near your home. Keep your bushes sufficiently trimmed, and make sure your lawn is mowed after you have removed the discarded clutter.

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Seal Your Home

Sealed homes do not have to worry about a garter snake infiltrating into the house. Take some time to inspect your home. Look for holes or broken seams accessible from the outside. If you find any, seal them properly. Keeping snakes out is just one benefit you can enjoy with a properly sealed home. 

After correctly sealing your home, it’s best to take extra preventative measures and apply snake repellent around the perimeter. Snake repellent comes in many different forms like granules you can sprinkle around the area preventing snakes from crossing the line.

Set Up Traps

When dealing with a garter snake infestation, prevention techniques are only practical to prevent a reinfestation. To get rid of snakes you already have, you’ll have to make use of repellents and traps. One of the most common repellents is naphthalene, which is a remedy that causes snakes to lose their sensory abilities. Just keep in mind that naphthalene doesn’t exactly smell pleasant. That’s going to drive them away to a place outside of your home where their abilities can return. 

If you’re looking to get snakes out of their lair, simple garlic spray can get the job done. Garter snakes are allergic to it. Glue traps can also work, but you’ll need to check them regularly. When you find a snake in a glue trap, you can take them away from your home and use vegetable oil to melt the glue and release them elsewhere.

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Call an Exterminator

The best strategy for eliminating a garter snake infestation is to call an exterminator. Integrity Termite & Pest Services Inc. has the expertise and commitment to handle your infestation. Give us a call today to get rid of your garter snake infestation as soon as possible!

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