Get Rid of Pesky Termites With an Advanced Bait Station

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When dealing with pesky termites, setting up termite stations is the most effective way to remove them. Take action the moment you become aware of an infestation. Termites deal severe damage to your house, resulting in unnecessary repairs. Bait stations take out colonies and prevent reproduction to keep your home safe. Learn how to get rid of pesky termites with an advanced bait station.

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What Is a Termite Bait Station?

A termite bait station is a device designed to get rid of termite infestations and prevent them from returning to your home. They work with the natural behavior of termites to kill them by targetting the nest itself. These stations can take down entire termite colonies, so it’s an excellent choice for termite colonies that have gotten out of hand.

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How Do Bait Stations Work?

Termite stations work by transporting poison from the trap into the colony. First, implant the station into the ground as bait. Non-toxic food is added to the station to give the termites a new food source. Starting with non-toxic food teaches the termites to use the station and mark it for return. Replace the non-toxic bait with a toxic food source. The food foraging termites bring the poison back to their colonies, unknowingly guaranteeing the extermination of the colony. Because the poison is in the nest, reproductive termites like the king and queen are killed.

Using Bait Stations

When you opt for bait stations as your treatment process, don’t stop at just one. Plant several stations on your property for best results. These termite stations are cylindrical and go into the ground about a foot deep. The top of the trap opens, where the bait itself is added. The cap seals and locks, too, to provide safety for any pets or children. 

It is necessary to plant termite stations to attract subterranean termites; however, termite stations don’t obstruct your yard because they are below the surface. Barely noticeable, stations allow you to maintain the aesthetic of your home. 

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Getting the Most Out of Bait Stations

At Integrity Termite & Pest Services Inc., dealing with termites in Texas is one of our specialties. We do more than just install bait stations. Our experts can offer long-term solutions to prevent termites. Whatever your infestation calls for, we will take care of it. Reach out to our team today and get in control of your pests!

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