How To Tackle Termite Problems


Termites are a prevalent pest throughout Texas. Arm yourself against termites by learning how to tackle them.

Pre-construction Treatments
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you’re a homeowner or undergoing heavy renovation construction, there are pre-construction treatments you can put in place to prevent termite problems. These are the things to watch out for. Don’t use cellulose materials such as recycled wood in constructed pieces that touch the soil. Termites will infect items in the ground first, as the earth serves as their method of getting around. Make sure to keep wood pieces at least 18 inches above the soil to prevent contact. If you absolutely cannot avoid wood-to-soil contact, use pretreated wood pieces covered in termiticide.

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Schedule Regular Termite Inspections
Discover how Integrity Termite & Pest Services professionals can regularly check your home for an infestation. Inspections take place outside the home. The inspector will assess the ground for any tunnels that indicate termites have entered the house. They will then check for potential access points and lay bait traps to see if any termites are in the nearby vicinity. Termite inspections have the potential to save you thousands of dollars down the road, so make sure never to skip them!

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Baiting and Treating Termite Infestations

If you’re a homeowner dealing with termite infestation, don’t panic. Termites are relatively easy to treat. Treatments include spray repellents, such as Termidor, applied to the exterior of the building. Termidor is undetectable to termites, so they consume it unwittingly and carry it back to the colony. After the spray has been applied, experts will block the access points so no more termites can access the area.

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