Is Hair Spray Toxic to Bugs?

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All out of bug spray? You may recall stories of hair spray working just as well. Like any other DIY home remedy, there could be more than meets the eye. Discover the truth behind this alternative as well as a more effective way of getting rid of your infestation.

How Hair Spray May Be Toxic to Bugs

The web will have you believe that hairspray stops bugs dead in their tracks, but this is only partially true. Hair spray is about as harmful to bugs as it is to people. However, their much smaller size makes them less tolerable to this toxin. So, there is some truth to the tale. 

How Hair Spray May Not Be Toxic to Bugs

Some bugs may not be harmed by hair spray at all. At least not in terms of being poisonous. It depends on the individual bug, how tough they are, and how environmentally resistant they might be. Hair spray could still be an effective means of stopping them from continuing on their path.

What Happens When You Spray a Bug With Hair Spray

In some sense, Hair spray is glue. It’s a water-soluble cement you use to keep your hair in place when you style it. More often than not, it can also freeze an insect from moving. While a bug you’re dealing with might not be poisoned by hair spray, its wings are made useless by the pure weight of being sprayed. 

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As hair spray dries, the legs and body of a bug can remain stuck and airways clogged, resulting in death. In most cases, if hair spray does prove fatal to bugs, that’s how it usually occurs. If all else fails, it can still make the bug easier to catch and smash.

Better Alternatives to Hair Spray

Actual bug spray is a much better way to kill insects. If you want to be eco-friendly, you can use substances like pyrethrin, an extract of chrysanthemum oil. It’s not toxic to people but can cause sensitivity issues in some pets. In the end, it’s usually best to contact a professional for advice.

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