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Bed Bugs Extermination

Bed bugs often hitch rides in luggage when people travel. If you place your belongings on the floor of your hotel, this could be a way they get into your things. And suddenly, you’re back home dealing with a bed bug infestation. We know how stressful this can be. In addition, these pests multiply quickly.

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Roach Extermination Service Near Me

Roach Extermination

Everyone will agree that both German cockroaches and American cockroaches have no place in your home or business. They can cause business losses and household problems if people fail to address the issue properly. Cockroaches multiply rapidly thus increasing the risk of spreading diseases among building occupants. Whether you own a home or a business in Texas, cockroaches are a problem that you want to resolve with professional assistance from a reliable roach extermination service provider, Integrity Termite and Pest Services.

Ant Control and Extermination

Ants are one of the most common pests present in homes and business establishments, especially in the hot and humid locations of the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. Ants reproduce very quickly making them difficult to control. Ant infestation is tricky to identify at first. You will not notice it during the earlier stage until you see some tell-tale signs like severe wood structural damages and material decay in your home or business. These little crawling insects invade homes and buildings in search of food or a possible nesting spot.

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Mosquito Pest Control Service Near Me

Mosquito Control and Extermination

Mosquito infestation is one serious household problem which you need to resolve before bad things start to happen. That’s because mosquitoes can infest any portion of your home or garden landscape, which may put your whole family at risk. Constant exposure may cause potential health issues, including infections brought by Zika Virus or West Nile disease.

Flea Control and Extermination

An infestation of fleas often starts from your pet cats and dogs. Fleas attach themselves to the fur of the animal host and directly infest the surroundings. Without a proactive approach to a flea infestation, anyone can be at risk of developing skin rashes and reddish bumps, especially furry animals and the people who own them. This is very worrisome to those with an allergic reaction to insect bites.

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Snake Control and Removal Service Near Me

Snake Control and Removal

A snake is a wildlife species that instills fear among homeowners and pets. While the vast majority of snakes seem relatively harmless, they can still bite anyone, which may increase the risk of infection or allergies.

Spider Control, Removal, and Extermination

A spider control treatment is what you need to keep your beautiful home in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, safe. Pesky spiders often gain entry to any structure through small openings around windows, roof vents, entrance doors, and different crawl spaces. If you leave these eight-legged creatures to invade your property, you’re becoming at risk of serious health threats and an imminent spider infestation

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Scorpion Control and Removal Service Near Me

Scorpion Control, Removal & Extermination

Scorpions are no strangers to the people of Texas. This scary desert creature, particularly the striped bark scorpions, belongs to 13 different families featuring over 1,500 species. Fortunately, only 25 of the total number of species carry the venom, potentially killing a victim.

Bee & Wasp Removal

In most residential premises in the Dallas Fort Worth areas, insect infestation is often a serious pest problem for many building owners. You’re likely dealing with infestation headaches if you notice any presence of wasp or bees around your property. Once you discover the extent of the infestation, never attempt to remove these buzzing insects alone unless you consider yourself an expert.

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Tick Control, Removal and Extermination

Tick Control, Removal, & Extermination

Ticks, similar to fleas, possess one similar characteristic, and that is to draw blood from their suitable host for survival. Ticks are parasitic arthropods, including scorpions and spiders, and mites that often settle in furry animals. They raise public health significance since ticks are commonly attributed to the transmission of several harmful diseases to humans.

Wildlife Control

You may probably think of bugs, spiders, and tiny insects when referring to pest control as a whole. Larger animals, however, can find their way to get through the walls of your house. Wildlife invasion is not an easy problem for many residents and businesses in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX.

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