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Ants are one of the most common pests present in homes and business establishments, especially in the hot and humid locations of the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. Ants reproduce very quickly making them difficult to control. Ant infestation is tricky to identify at first. You will not notice it during the earlier stage until you see some tell-tale signs like severe wood structural damages and material decay in your home or business. These little crawling insects invade homes and buildings in search of food or a possible nesting spot.

 They spread rapidly because ants can easily detect good sources of food such as garbage cans, dirty kitchens, spilled substances, and foods that are left unattended on a table. It’s no wonder ants like to live close to humans for their continuous food supply. In the Dallas-Fort Worth areas, Integrity Termite and Pest Services are the leading ant extermination service provider. We offer professional pest control and extermination services for all types of residential and commercial structures. Call us at (817) 734-6573 today!

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Not all ants are the same! Some ant species found in Texas homes and businesses are causing severe damages, and serious health issues among occupants. For instance, fire ants are considered a serious threat to the general public in Texas due to their stings and aggressive behaviour. Ants attack and invade structures in huge numbers, capable of destroying lightweight building materials quickly. Once bitten by an ant, you can expect your skin to become swollen and you may have excruciating pain.

Carpenter ants are another common ant species that can cause visible structural damage in your home, though they usually build a nest in dead trees. They invade homes and businesses to search for food. Carpenter ants, however, can potentially weaken the structural integrity of any wooden structure as they excavate large holes to make room for food gathering or nesting. As a home or building owner, you will likely encounter infestation damage if you leave any ant infestation untreated.

We, at Integrity Termite and Pest Services, deploy a reliable team of expert ant exterminators who can identify possible ant infestation and nesting ground anywhere in your building. Our technicians only use the latest infestation techniques and most effective exterminating tools to wipe out all these damaging insects from your property. So, if you need a competent ant extermination company in Dallas and Fort Worth area, call Integrity Pest and Termites at (817) 734-6573 today. You may also schedule an appointment with one of our experts when you fill out our contact form or get a free estimate from us.

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Since most ant infestation requires an expert to get rid of the ants, it is best to leave this household problem to the professionals. Things can become unpleasant when ants eat your house piece by piece. Some species of ants, however, are very persistent in invading your property, and even insecticide spraying, and traps may not be sufficient enough to eliminate them.

Our expert pest exterminators, at Integrity Termite and Pest Services, have many years of experience in eradicating ant nests. They can quickly identify the sources and effectively remove them by using the best exterminating methods which are safe for both service professionals and clients. To make sure that ants won’t be able to regain infest build-up, follow-up visits or regular home inspections should be done. To get started, contact us today.

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