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An infestation of fleas often starts from your pet cats and dogs. Fleas attach themselves to the fur of the animal host and directly infest the surroundings. Without a proactive approach to a flea infestation, anyone can be at risk of developing skin rashes and reddish bumps, especially furry animals and the people who own them. This is very worrisome to those with an allergic reaction to insect bites.

Fleas need blood from the host to survive. An adult flea can survive for over a year until it finds its next suitable host. However, these tiny pests can become a serious household problem once the host they have previously fed is no longer around, shifting their feeding activities over to other hosts that live in the house. Though they don’t have wings, fleas can jump from one host to another host, whether from an animal to another animal or an animal to humans.

Fleas are known sources of different diseases while serving as parasitic insects that feed on domesticated animals. At the same time, resolving a flea infestation in your home or business is very difficult, prompting building owners to seek help from professionals. Integrity Termite and Pest Services are a trusted and competent service provider of quality flea control and extermination services in Dallas, Fort Worth, and other cities in North Texas.

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Flea Biological Composition

Flea Biological Composition

Fleas are parasitic organisms belonging to Siphonaptera classification, which forms over 2,300 species broken down into several families. These tiny insects often lay eggs in places where a targeted host frequently stays. Full-blown adult fleas can develop within a few weeks or emerge upon sensing the presence of a suitable host. Fleas can sense a suitable host animal by detecting heat, moisture, scents, and other environmental elements.

Public Health Significance on Flea Infestation

In Texas, there are four distinct species of fleas normally encountered by pest control and exterminators as listed below:

  • Dog flea (referred to as Ctenocephalides canis)
  • Cat flea (known as Ctenocephalides fleas)
  • Human flea (known as Pulex irritans)
  • Oriental rat flea (Xenopsylla cheopis)

Although their preferred host is identified, all four flea species can feed on any warm-blooded organisms, including humans. Fleas are also responsible for transmitting different serious health diseases like murine typhus and fleabite dermatitis to people. Aside from these conditions, fleas can also transmit tapeworms to both animal hosts and humans. This happens when a person, particularly a child, is playing with home pets carrying fleas.

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Efficient Flea Control and Extermination in Dallas and Fort Worth Area

Flea infestation is difficult for any professional exterminator of fleas to resolve because of fleas’ tiny size and their resistance to typical insecticides. Besides this, fleas can quickly jump from one host to another, making it even more difficult for unseasoned pest exterminators to handle. Nonetheless, at Integrity Termite and Pest¬†Services, we can still eliminate flea infestations in your home with some extra hand from you. To make flea extermination effective in just one visit, our expert flea exterminators need your full cooperation prior to your scheduled visit. Our exterminators should have unobstructed access in different home spaces, which may require you to remove all items on your floor surfaces, including spaces under your bed and furniture closets. You can also perform vacuum cleaning over your drapes, curtains, carpets, and upholstered furniture before your scheduled treatment. Beddings for pets should also be cleaned thoroughly to minimize breeding spots for fleas after the treatment. Prior to your scheduled flea control treatment, clean the wood and tile floors, especially at the groove and cracked areas, with the use of a floor mop or high-absorbent cloth. Besides bedroom floors, you should also clean the garage floors, basement floors, and other areas with high occupancy ratio to reduce fleas’ presence. Get in touch with our expert pest exterminator at Integrity Termite and Pest Services (817) 734-6573. We also provide a free project estimate to give you a basic idea of how much you would spend for the complete removal of fleas in your home or business.

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