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Scorpion Control & Extermination company Dallas Fort Worth

Scorpions are no strangers to the people of Texas. This scary desert creature, particularly the striped bark scorpions, belongs to 13 different families featuring over 1,500 species. Fortunately, only 25 of the total number of species carry the venom, potentially killing a victim.

Scorpions are dangerous due to their aggressive nature, and you should expect to experience unbearable pain once you get stung. You won’t see these creatures during the day as scorpions usually hide under dark spots like basement floors, sinkholes, and other dark places. And the scary thing is that scorpions come out late in the evening to hunt for food or practically crawl

anywhere they want, including inside your shoes. In case you have found something unfamiliar somewhere in your garage, don’t forget to call the expert scorpion exterminators at Integrity Termite and Pest Services, and they will be glad to assist you.

Scorpion Control & Extermination company Dallas Fort Worth
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Learning About the Scorpions in Texas

Scorpions are interesting animal species capable of surviving harsh environmental conditions without food or water. In contrast with other forms of pests, scorpions are not insects but rather components of class Arachnida, including spiders, mites, and ticks. They have huge claws that can be used for crushing prey and four pairs of sturdy legs.

Scorpions make people shiver with fear due to their long tails equipped with dangerous stingers. However, this painful sting is only used as self-defence against any potential threat from other organisms.

Only a few species of scorpions are considered deadly for humans, and one of them is the sculptured scorpion. Fortunately, this Arizona-based native scorpion is rarely encountered in most homes in Texas area.

Most scorpion species commonly found in Texas only deliver non-venomous stings, but they are quite painful, requiring immediate medical attention to counteract swelling and possible infection. However, for individuals who are highly sensitive to scorpion venom, the sting may potentially cause life-threatening health conditions related to immune disorders and lingering illnesses. Depending on habitat condition, scorpions can live as long as three years, and an adult scorpion may survive any desert landscape for nearly eight months.

Scorpions and pest control services in Texas

Although these arthropods are often found in hot climates, scorpions prefer to live in secluded areas because they need to regulate body temperature levels by avoiding direct sunlight and other heat sources. You should expect them hiding under leaf litters, dark corner spaces, old tires, garbage cans, excavated soil, and rubble piling, so extra caution is a must. That’s why if

you’re a native or a long-time resident in Texas, shaking off your shoes before putting your feet in them is a wise habit.

Scorpions are predators who eat smaller organisms like insects and other arachnids. They can survive for several months without drinking or consuming anything, though they prefer to eat live food. What’s more interesting about scorpions is that these pesky arthropods show up easily under ultraviolet light. So, if you’re an outdoor adventurer, you can use UV lights to either catch them or avoid getting stung.

Scorpions and Pest Control Services in Texas
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Effective Scorpion Control in Dallas Fort Worth

Since scorpions are well-equipped for surviving various environmental situations, they make it difficult for professional exterminators to contain them. But our trained scorpion control professionals at Integrity Termite and Pest Services, use several chemical-based and organic methods in carrying out our duties. We usually employ chemical spraying, conventional baiting system, habitat modification, and exclusion techniques.

 Our service technicians also employ insecticides, dust, and different granular products. Since there are chemical applications involved, we are very careful to detect the infested area to catch the scorpions efficiently. And prior to your scorpion control treatment, our representative will thoroughly assess your current infestation problem to determine which extermination methods should be used.

Are you spotting some scorpions within your property right now? Scorpion sighting indicates a possible infestation, so contact Integrity Termite and Pest Services right away at (817) 734-6573 for prompt action. You can also reach our friendly customer service representatives by filling out a contact form or sending an email to

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