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A mice infestation is a huge problem – not just for business owners but also for the fine residents of Dallas-Fort Worth. For instance, If you own a food business or a store, customers may likely abandon your place and look elsewhere instead upon spotting a mouse. And family and friends will cut their visit short when they see mice around your home.

Conventional mouse traps are no longer effective against these pesky rodents, and even poisonous granular products you can get from DIY shops can be easily detected. Mice are relatively intelligent as they can recognize any potential threat or extermination attempts against them. These little guys are known for messing around with your insulation, breaking through walls or ceilings, and leaving irreparable damages to your property.

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Trusted Mouse Exterminator in Dallas-Fort Worth

Trusted Mouse Exterminator in Dallas-Fort Worth

To fight against mouse infestation, you need real extermination solutions only from reliable experts. You might be able to catch one or two mice but removing all of them by yourself will be proven to be costly. And typical mouse traps you see from hardware stores are not sufficient to control the house pest. If you’re searching for a competent mouse exterminator in the Texas area, you have probably heard about Integrity Termite and Pest Services.

Integrity Termite and Pest Services are a popular pest exterminator in the Texas area, offering a comprehensive approach to controlling mouse infestation through several preventive and elimination techniques. Our dependable mouse exterminators are equipped with more effective tools, baiting accessories, and poison products than that pest control stuff you get from various stores. All service plans we offer to our clients may provide full-service satisfaction.

Because if we fail to live up to your expectations, our professional exterminators are willing to visit your place and perform the elimination the process once again.

The Real Solution to Mouse Extermination in Dallas Fort Worth

At Integrity Termite and Pest Services, we only hire the best mice exterminators in the industry. Our professionals are certified and well-equipped in handling your rodent infestation problems in most Dallas-Fort Worth homes. All our mouse control treatments and extermination strategies will are effective and safe.

Our proven and tested mouse extermination strategy includes the following methods:

  • Poison application

Our exterminators use a specialized poison formula that gradually kills the mice, forcing them to leave your house and die outside. This is good because dead mice can leave a smell that is disgusting, especially if they die in secluded areas of your home.

  • Baits and traps

Our experts use customized baits to lure the pesky animals out of their hiding spots. But they make sure that baits will be placed in strategic points that won’t cause any damage to your property. Aside from baits, our trained exterminators will use high standard traps to catch these nasty guys whether inside or outside of your home.

  • Cleaning up

Once the elimination process is over, our professional exterminators will do the cleaning right away, so you don’t have to worry about the dirty work. To ensure that mice won’t come back, our experts will set out some preventive traps to see if infest activities are going on.

One effective prevention strategy is to have your property inspected once a year to check for any infestation trace. About treatment cost, our service plans already include several customized treatment options to give you the freedom to choose what extermination service package may suit your budget. If you see one or two mice anywhere on your property, call the professionals at Integrity Termite and Pest Services right away for a thorough problem assessment.

Integrity Termite and Pest Services offers full mouse extermination services in Dallas Fort Worth areas such as Carrollton, Plano, Arlington, and others. You may fill out our contact form or call (817) 734-6573 for further details. You can also drop us a message at

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