Prevent Spiders From Nesting in Your Home

Prevent Spiders From Nesting in Your Home

Schedule preventive pest control services in Hurst, TX

No one likes walking through a spider web, even when you're outdoors. The last thing you want is to walk through a spider web inside your house. Spiders can protect you from other pesky insects, but if there are too many in your house, you may need a professional exterminator. Integrity Termite and Pest Services, Inc. offers insect control services that will help keep your spider count in check.

Through our preventive pest control service, we make sure that current invaders are taken care of, and we make sure that you don't experience the problem again in the future. We're the pest control company that will get rid of the spiders for good. If you need a spider removal service, contact us today.

What types of spiders are dangerous in Hurst, TX?

Our insect control services will keep your home spider-free, but not all spiders pose a threat to you or your family. To make sure you're keeping your loved ones safe, you should be able to recognize these potential threats:

  • Brown recluse spiders, which have six eyes in the front of their heads and range from orange-yellow to dark brown in color.
  • Widow spiders, which vary in color, but have two reddish triangles on their bellies.
  • Tarantulas, which are large and hairy brown spiders with fangs.
  • Jumping spiders, which are bold, stocky and brightly colored with bands of black and white on their bodies or legs.
  • Wolf spiders, which are typically brown or black and can be seen under lights, because of their reflective eyes.

When you schedule a preventive pest control appointment, you're investing in the safety of your home. If you spot webs around your house, or experience a spider bite, call our team immediately.