Squeaky Clean! Best Course of Action for Rodent Problem in Kitchen Area


Determining the best course of action for a rodent problem in the kitchen area can be tricky. Mice may be adorable at the pet store and in cartoons, but reality doesn’t have a giant ACME anvil to drop down on unsuspecting vermin. Learn the best course of action for rodent problems in the kitchen area with help from the pros.

Not-So-Cute Signs of a Mouse Problem

There are many signs of rodent infestation in restaurants and home kitchens. None of them are cute. First, look for damaged food packaging, as rodents like to chew their way into things they want to eat. You’ll see the evidence primarily on dry food containers like grains and pasta or sugar. Next, check for gnaw marks on your equipment and furniture. Rodents chew on these things as a habit.

Look for tiny droppings that look like small brown or black pellets in your pantries, behind cabinets, corners, and other shadowy areas. Greasy smears on the walls are also a sign. If you hear scurrying inside the walls or ceilings, you can bet pests are making them. Finally, keep an eye out for nests, usually piles of shredded paper, straw, furniture stuffing, and other small debris.

Do you think you may have a nest? We list more signs to identify a rodent problem here!


What to Do if You See the Signs 

Rodents in restaurants and home kitchens frequent the same places. Hot spots include where you store food, inside and under equipment, storerooms, dumpsters, and delivery areas. When you see signs, don’t wait. A rodent infestation presents health threats in the form of disease. You will also fail health inspections, cost you money, ultimately get the company shut down till the issue is resolved.

The first thing to do is seal up the place. Seal any gaps around doors, walls, and windows. Methods to fill holes include caulking and weather stripping. Even a hole the size of a coin is enough for pests. Rats and mice can make homes in the walls and roof. Keep your doors closed and keep the place as clean as possible. Store food in tightly sealed plastic bins. Train your employees to look for the signs and report them right away.

If you have vegetation or a lawn outside, keep it well-trimmed. Avoid having lawn debris, dumpsters, or garbage bins close to the building.


Why Professional Exterminators Are Vital

It is important to prevent rats and mice before you have an infestation. Once you have a rodent infestation, it is incredibly difficult to get rid of it; rodents are persistent and breed fast. A single female rat can produce an average of 40 babies every year, meaning your infestation can grow from a few rats to over 1,000 in a short time. Getting rid of a colony requires expert knowledge and fast action. The best course of action for a rodent problem is to contact professionals. Reach out to Integrity Termite & Pest Services Inc. or give us a call at (817) 734-6573 today!

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