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Termites are one of the most destructive wood-destroying insects in Dallas-Fort Worth and other metropolitan areas. These pesky wood eaters can make it all the way up to your attic from the underground soil, gradually destroying all types of wooden structures that come across them. Subterranean termites can cost billions of dollars from property damage. Typical plywood termites wreak havoc in homes. 

These dangerous tiny insects can do so much damage because there can be over a million ravenous termites in a single colony. More than one colony might be feasting on your home without your notice. For instance, subterranean termites won’t be contented just to nibble away at one area once these hungry pests make their way up to your house. Expect these damaging insects to spread anywhere, searching for potential food sources, particularly wood structures and perishable goods. And termites can do this for years, silently, rapidly, and undetected until the damage becomes evident and irreparable.

Once termites work their way to your house or building, you won’t notice the extent of the damage at first. Over time, however, they can cause severe damages to different structural supports, which may result in bulging walls, rotten floor joists, and deformed doors. Termite infestation is already in place when wooden structures, whether built-in furniture or installed wood panels, begin to shift. This is because the termites are eating away the wood interiors of your house. And if you own a business, your building interiors will look unsightly brought by sloping grounds, broken floorboards, and cracked ceiling panels.

Whether you own a commercial building or a home, you need to regularly have your hard-earned investment treated with sufficient termite protection. Liquid termiticide is the most effective way to get rid of termite colonies infesting your home. This pest control product can instantly eradicate termite colonies in a single application, though follow-up inspection may be required to check for any sign of infest build-up. However, this extermination process should be supported with pre-construction techniques and termite bait systems to prevent or at least delay infestation progress in the future.

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Efficient Liquid Termite Treatment in Dallas Fort Worth

The vast majority of pest control and extermination service providers offer both liquid treatment and termite baiting system to eradicate termites within a property. Our certified termite exterminators at Integrity Termite and Pest Services make the whole process simple and effective while offering affordable extermination service plans to suit your budget.

Before your scheduled termite control treatment, our technicians will inspect your building for signs of infestation, so they can recommend the appropriate treatment strategy that will work best. Our inspection includes accurate details regarding the extent of the problem and proper identification of conducive areas where termites can build a colony. And even after the treatment, we will conduct a series of follow-up inspections to see whether our extermination process has been successful.

Our professional exterminators will provide a liquid barrier treatment around the exterior perimeter of your property. They only utilize Termidor, an effective non-repellent termiticide capable of wiping out termite colonies fast since termites cannot detect the chemical within the treated zone. Afterward, they will block all possible access points, particularly those below-ground structures where termites can easily penetrate. They also use termite bait stations containing Recruit, a popular colony exterminator, to trap the wood eaters and monitor any activity after the treatment has been done.

For many years, liquid termite control treatments have become a primary solution for reputable pest control companies like Integrity Termite and Pest Services. You can call our experts at (817) 734-6573 to get started.

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