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Termite infestation is a persistent problem for many homes in Dallas-Fort Worth. It may cause serious money troubles due to costly repairs. Termite damage is not usually covered by insurance, further increasing financial woes for homeowners.

Many people fail to recognize termite infestation until it becomes out of control since termites hide within walls, ceilings, and cabinets. Full-blown colonies require constant food and heat sources to survive. Unfortunately, termites will continuously inflict property damage if they are left untreated or undetected. This is why it is advisable to undertake pre-construction termite control measures when building new structures or modify those existing ones.

Pre-Construction Termite Control Near Me
Pre-Construction Termite Control

Here are some useful guidelines you can follow to minimize termite infestation in your area:

Reduce direct wood-to-soil contact, especially if the wood is not treated correctly. Termites can easily feed on any wood material if you fail to make a concrete base to separate the wood from soil. But if you can’t avoid wood-to-soil contact, you may use termite-resistant wood, which has been proven effective in protecting vital home structures for many years.

Avoid burying cellulose materials such as recycled wood, scaffolding, and other wood fibers at the building site as these are primary food sources for termites. In crawl spaces, there should be enough ventilation to minimize moisture build-up due to temperature changes. Any wood material in crawl spaces should have at least 18 inches above the ground to prevent direct soil contact. You can also install sidings at least six inches away from the soil to reduce any termites’ entry points.

As a preventive measure against subterranean termites, you can incorporate these techniques to help secure the entry points:

  • Use termiticide as a termite control treatment for the soil underneath any home.
  • Use termite bait systems to trap the termites before these pests can penetrate the walls. Bait stations can be used to monitor any termite activity below the soil surface.
  • You may install any durable particle barrier made of basaltic rock or sand to minimize access points around the walls and foundation.
  • Consider using termite shields or stainless steel mesh around concrete foundations to block any entry points.
  • Adhere to any building code requirements about termite control treatment for new construction when building a new structure.
Termite Control Treatment in Dallas, Fort Worth TX

While no specific method can guarantee full protection against this notorious pest, the use of termite-resistant wood-like resinous woods is another effective pre-construction termite treatment you can use. Some termite-resistant wood options are chemically-injected or pre-treated during production to combat or delay the maturity of infestation.

Creating termite barriers for any below-ground structures has also been proven effective in reducing termites attack. For this preventive strategy, the use of chemically treated synthetic blocks, and insulation are applied. Homebuilders also use liquid residual methods, which are often applied to the soil during construction before the slab is poured.

The techniques mentioned above are useful in securing your home from subterranean termite infestation. If you are searching for a competent pest control company capable of providing pre-construction termite treatments for your home, consider hiring Integrity Termite and Pest Services. Our expert technicians can discuss what appropriate pre-construction treatment may be applicable for you. Note that the cost incurred by these proactive treatments may be minimal as compared to the potential costs you may likely encounter from an infestation. You may contact our trained professionals at (817) 734-6573 to schedule a free inspection.

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