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If you’re a Texas resident, you’re probably dealing with endless termite problems all year round. Termites can be found anywhere because these annoying pests are always searching for a suitable food source, particularly those perishable ones. If you leave your house unprotected, termites can penetrate your walls, potentially causing severe damages to various areas of your home. And the worst part is, there can be one or more termite colonies occupying your house without even noticing their invasion.

Termite infestation may force property owners to spend a huge amount of money on major renovations. These stubborn pests are known for creating damages to any home beyond repair. If you’re having serious termite complications at home, you need the help of trained exterminators from Integrity Termite and Pest Services to get rid of termites once and for all. Our termite control experts can offer long-term solutions to prevent termites from inhabiting your place in Dallas Fort Worth. So, call us now at (817) 734-6573 to get your free project estimate.

Termite Bait System in Dallas, Fort Worth TX
Termite Baiting Professional in Dallas, Fort Worth TX

How do our professionals handle the job?

Termites can destroy various types of structures piece by piece, and they often go undetected. It might be too late to save your beloved home when you discover their colonies. Then, in the end, you are suddenly left with costly repairs and useless personal belongings that you need to dispose of.

We, at Integrity Termite and Pest Services, which has been serving Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding areas since 1982, employ various treatment strategies and indoor baiting systems to counteract termite infestation. Our experienced termite exterminators are fully equipped with the appropriate tools and techniques to remove termites effectively, and other small insects are populating your home. Our indoor bait stations, for instance, are designed to trap termites before causing any internal structural damages at your home. When you team up with us, you can have peace of mind knowing your property is protected against termite invasion.

We also provide efficient but safe termite control chemical treatments. To keep our clients and their beloved pets free from harm, we often ask them to move out of the affected area and allow us to perform the extermination process. Our expert staff will perform a complete extermination process from the actual control treatment to post-operational services, including cleaning and follow-up inspection. Before your scheduled termite control treatment, our expert technicians will perform a thorough inspection to assess the severity of your infestation. So, if you want an effective method of eradicating termites, contact one of our pest exterminators at (817) 734-6573 to schedule an appointment.

When do you need a termite bait treatment for your home?

Before you get panic, look for signs of a termite infestation within your property. You might be dealing with termites if you notice some mud tubes or deep tunnels in any wooden structure. Though not disturbing, termites also create clicking sounds when passing through the walls.

You may check out any termites inside the cabinets, ceilings, stairs, wood furniture, spoiled food, and wood panels. Termites can quickly destroy laminated or composite materials. As soon as you notice these apparent signs, call our expert exterminators at Integrity Pest and Control Services right away to have your place thoroughly inspected.

Integrity Pest and Control Services is a reputable pest control company offering complete termite extermination services to residential and business owners in Fort Worth and nearby cities. Our exterminators are here to resolve your ongoing termite problems so that you can avoid costly repairs brought by heavy, irreparable damages. For more details about our comprehensive service plans, call us now at (817) 734-6573.

Termite Infestation Treatment in Dallas, Fort Worth TX

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