The Most Dangerous Pests in Dallas, Texas

A spider, which is a dangerous pest in Dallas, Texas

Dallas has moderate temperatures, beautiful scenery, and gorgeous homes throughout. Texans locals consider it a paradise except for the pests which come along with the territory. As new housing developments spread throughout Texas, some critters were forced out of their natural habitat but settled for the next best thing – the recently built homes! Some native pests are vital to the ecosystem but downright dangerous to humans. Because of that, it’s best to leave the removal of the pests on this list to the experts. Here’s our list of most dangerous pests in Dallas, Texas!

1. Spiders

Spiders, like snakes, are one of the top phobias in our modern world, for good reason! Spiders are considered one of the most dangerous pests. They’re also one of the most vital to the ecosystem. They come to the Dallas area because of its moderate climate and plentiful food source. It’s always a few breeds that give spiders a bad rap, such as the brown recluse. Brown recluse, black widows, and wolf spiders are all native to the Dallas area and are all dangerous to humans. It is difficult to tell spider breeds apart from a distance, so it’s best to avoid them altogether whenever possible. If you spot one, and you’re not sure if it’s harmless, move away from it and contact a pest control company. 

2. Scorpions

Easily identified with a blacklight, these glowing critters are something you don’t want to bump into. Scorpions enjoy moderate to hot temperatures, dry climates, and rocky terrain for their neighborhood. Dallas, Texas provides an ideal spot for them to settle in. Not every scorpion, such as the bark scorpion, is venomous, but their stinger can still do quite a bit of damage. Allergies to scorpion venom, delivered through the stinger on the end of their tail, are relatively common and can land humans in the hospital. Scorpions are likely to nest in undisturbed, warmed spots in the home. Consider the attic, underneath beds, and closets to be a home for them. If you spot a scorpion, it is likely family members are lying close nearby. They breed quickly, making it essential to call a trusted pest control company immediately if you see one.

3. Snakes

A wide variety of snakes can be found throughout Texas. Like any other cold-blooded creature, snakes seek out warm climates to make their homes. They feed on rodents, so they’re often found around populated areas. If there’s food for them, they’ll be there! Most snakes are not dangerous but can be scary to humans. The common garden snake isn’t harmful, but if you were to confuse it with a copperhead, you’d be in for a terrible time. Copperheads and rattlesnakes, considered some of the most dangerous pests, are both found throughout Dallas. Don’t ever try to attack a snake in or around your home! They will strike when attacked. Instead, leave the snake alone until a pest control company can come and remove it.

4. Ants

Arguably the most irritating pest, ants also make our list of most dangerous. Ants love the Dallas population and all the food they bring. Most ants aren’t necessarily dangerous to humans, although an ant bite could mean danger if you are one of the people who have an allergy to their venom. Their bites can be painful and itchy, even without an allergy. Some ant breeds, such as the bright red fire ant, are aggressive. They will chase down any animal, regardless of size, to bite them if the ant feels threatened. Ants settle in very quickly. If an ant colony makes its home inside your house or office, you’ll find them very difficult to get rid of by yourself. Don’t DIY ant pest control! You could worsen the problem. Instead, contact a trusted pest control professional to take care of the problem.

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