The Most Effective Bed Bug Treatments

Professional getting rid of bed bugs

Bed bugs are a pest no homeowner wants to have. Often picked up from travel, guests, or neighbors, bed bugs are challenging to see and more challenging to get rid of. They feed primarily on human blood and like to have dinner while you’re sleeping, as you’re less likely to slap them away. Since bed bugs are tiny and can hide on such small crevices as under nail heads, it’s unlikely you’ll notice you have them at all until you have an infestation. Don’t worry, though; the experts at Integrity Pest & Termite Services Inc. are here with the most effective bed bug treatments available!

Warning Signs You Have A Problem

Bed bugs are minuscule until they’ve had a few meals. After they’ve fed on you enough to grow to a breeding weight, they’ll start leaving marks. The first and most obvious is going to be small blood spots on the bed. Pin-sized droplets scattered around the bed are a sure sign you’ve got bed bugs feasting on you, as is unexplained itching. Pull back the sheets regularly and check underneath the mattress. If you see any small black dots, call an exterminator immediately to come and assess the situation.

Lousy Bed Bug Treatments: What Doesn’t Work

Trying to handle a bed bug infestation by yourself isn’t going to be very useful. Many over-the-counter solutions found at your local big-box home supply store might help kill any live visible bugs, but they only treat the symptom and not the cause. Spray treatments can be effective when combined with professional pest control, so don’t rule them out entirely. They’re just not very useful when it comes to eradicating an infestation. Unfortunately, the traditional method of washing everything on the ‘hot’ cycle and then drying it isn’t a cure-all. Washing items such as bedding with scalding water will eliminate bed bugs, but things that can’t fit in the machine or aren’t machine-washable are left infested.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Effectively

The best thing you can do if you suspect you have bed bugs is call a professional at Integrity Termite & Pest Services Inc. Bed bug infestations are easily treated with a range of attacks, including steam treatments, chemical solutions, and physical traps. Many effective pest control materials are available only to the pros; you can’t find them at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Once you go through a treatment regimen, take preventative measures to ensure you never deal with bed bugs again. Wash all items immediately when you come back from vacation, place your mattress in a protective case if possible, and stay vigilant for bite marks!

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